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Latest publications

Selective Protection for Sparse Iterative Solvers to Reduce the Resilience Overhead
Hongyang Sun, Ana Gainaru, Manu Shantharam and Padma Raghavan. [IEEE 32nd International Symposium on Computer Architecture and High Performance Computing (SBAC-PAD), 2020] (Presentation: video )

Reservation and Checkpointing Strategies for Stochastic Jobs
Ana Gainaru, Brice Goglin, Valentin Honoré, Guillaume Pallez, Padma Raghavan, Yves Robert, Hongyang Sun. [IPDPS 2020] (Paper: INRIA technical report )

Making Speculative Scheduling Robust to Incomplete Data
Ana Gainaru, Guillaume Pallez. [SCALA@SC 2019] (Paper: INRIA technical report)
Code used for this paper here

Speculative Scheduling Techniques for Stochastic HPC Applications
Ana Gainaru, Guillaume Pallez (Aupy), Hongyang Sun, Padma Raghavan [ICPP 2019]

I/O scheduling strategy for periodic applications
Guillaume Aupy, Ana Gainaru, Valentin Le Fevrez [ACM Transactions on Parallel Computing 2019]

On-the-fly scheduling vs. reservation-based scheduling for unpredictable workflows
Ana Gainaru, Hongyang Sun, Guillaume Aupy, Yuankai Huo, Bennett A. Landman, Padma Raghavan [Special Issue of the IJHPCA 2019]

Reservation Strategies for Stochastic Jobs
Guillaume Aupy, Ana Gainaru, Valentin Honor, Padma Raghavan, Yves Robert, Hongyang Sun [IPDPS 2019]

Older selected publications

Using InfiniBand Hardware Gather-Scatter Capabilities to Optimize MPI All-to-All
Richard Graham, Ana Gainaru, Artem Polyaiov and Gilad Shainer [EuroMPI 2016]

Reducing Waste in Large Scale Systems through Introspective Analysis
Leonardo Bautista Gomez, Ana Gainaru, Swann Perarnau, Franck Cappello, Marc Snir, William Kramer [IPDPS 2016]

Scheduling the I/O of HPC applications under congestion
Ana Gainaru, Guillaume Aupy, Anne Benoit, Franck Cappello, Yves Robert, Marc Snir [IPDPS 2015]

Fault prediction under the microscope: A closer look into HPC systems
Ana Gainaru , Franck Cappello, Marc Snir, William Kramer [SC 2012]

Modeling and Tolerating Heterogeneous Failures in Large Parallel Systems
Eric Heien, Derrick Kondo, Ana Gainaru , Dan LaPine, Bill Kramer, Franck Cappello [SC 2011]